About Us

Denis Lussier is the Founder & Chief Architect. In 2004 Denis had the idea to add Oracle Compatibility to PostgreSQL and he founded EnterpriseDB. In 2009 Denis left EDB and founded OSCG Partners (OSCGP). OSCGP had a consulting subsidiary (OpenSCG) that specialized in PostgreSQL and migrations from Oracle, SQL Server & MySQL. In 2018 OSCGP sold OpenSCG to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Denis moved to Seattle for a couple years.

In 2022 Denis started OSCG-IO as a new project for OSCGP. We're a small team featuring the two Principal Engineers, Ahsan Hadi & Affan Salman, who led the effort to launch EDB in 2005 with it's Oracle compatibility for Postgres. The rest of this story is still being written, stay tuned.
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