OSCG-IO is an Open Source cross-platform installation, configuration & operations framework for Postgres. It is optimized for Developers to run in sandboxes, vm's or the container of your choice. Take a look below at the extensive collection of enterprise-class community extensions we embrace. Viva Postgres Community!!

Rock-solid Postgres
   v15.2 9-Feb
New in 2022
v14.7 9-Feb
New in 2021
v13.10 9-Feb
New in 2020
v12.14 9-Feb
New in 2019
v11.19 9-Feb
New in 2018

Postgres Community Extensions & Apps
  Citus  v11.2.0 6-Feb
Sharded PostgreSQL
  PostGIS  v3.3.2 12-Nov
Spatial Extensions
  pgPool2  v4.4.2 6-Jan
Query Cache & Pooler
  OraFCE  v4.1.1 27-Jan
Ora Built-in Packages
  pgRepack  v1.4.8 19-Oct
Remove Table/Index Bloat
  pgPartman  v4.7.2 22-Dec
Partition Managemnt
  pgAudit  v1.7.0 13-Jun
Audit Logging
  pgCron  v1.5.1 15-Feb
Background Job Scheduler
  Anonymizer  v1.1.0 29-Sep
Anonymization & Masking
  HypoPG  v1.3.1 22-Jun-21
Hypothetical Indexes
  OracleFDW  v2.4.0 23-Sep-21
Oracle from PG
  pgHintPlan  v1.5.0 20-Jan
Execution Plan Hints

Data Integration
  Multicorn2  v2.4 9-Sep
Python FDW Library
  MongoFDW  v5.4.0 19-May
MongoDB from PG
  BigQueryFDW  v2.1 13-Sep
BigQuery from PG
  MySQL FDW  v2.8.0 16-May
MySQL & MariaDB from PG
  TDS FDW  v2.0.3 21-Oct
SQL Svr & Sybase from PG
  ElasticSearchFDW  v0.11.2 18-Sep
ElasticSearch from PG

Database Developers
  PL/Profiler  v4.2 03-Oct
Stored Procedure Profiler
  PL/Debugger  v1.5 20-Jul
Stored Procedure Debugger
  PL/V8  v2.3.15 11-Jul-20
Javascript Stored Procedures
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